Finally starting a blog for my HO Model Railroad layout!

I have been working on and off on my layout for a few years now with progress each year passing. I have a complete blue print (which I will post soon) of my fictitious layout which is modeled in the steam and first generation diesel era. The layout models an industrial and manufacturing branch line off of the main line. I will be focusing on some logging and milling operations plus a variety of other industries all to serve the towns and businesses of the branch line or to be exported through the main line.

A full operating schedule will be in place one day as this layout has been designed around the prototypical operation of a small branch line railroad. The room is approximately 11 x 11 foot square with a 9 foot staging room. I am finally posting some images of the layout and will continually update the progress.

The first batch of images were taken a few years ago during the first winter of construction. They include the 6 track staging yard and the first manufacturing town on the branch line.









More image to be posted soon.


10 responses to “Finally starting a blog for my HO Model Railroad layout!

  1. Looking good. This is interesting – I am thinking of designing and planning an HO layout when I move house soon.

    Mike, UK

    Thanks for your comment. Good luck with your layout!

  2. Help. I’m using Sculptamold for scenery/rocks. After painting with acrylics I’ve had white spots appear and the paint is gone. Looks like it chipped off but there are no pieces. It’s like the paint was totally absorbed. How can I stop this.

    Thanks for your inquiry. I am assuming the scultptamold is type of plaster similar to a hydrocal which does not accept acrylic paints well. Your best bet would be to use a similar methed as I use for my rock castings which is an indian ink solution. I use several color variations of greys, browns, yellows, greens, etc to create realistic rocks. The key is to wet the plaster a lot before a applying the stain as once the stain is absorbed into the plaster it is there permanently. If it is wet then you can respray the rocks to allow the color pigments to run down the rocks for a nature look.
    Hope this helps and have a great day.

  3. What kind track do you use? and what size is it?

    Thanks for your inquiry. All the track I use is code 100 and I hand lay everything including the turnouts.
    Thanks again

  4. This is a cool blog mine is like yours to on modlerailroding.Im just starting though and I was wondering if you could stop by mine and post a coment one what I need.

    Thanks for your comments. It is hard to detail in a comment what is needed for your model railroad. The best thing I would suggest is to not jump in too fast. READ..READ and then READ some more. All this reading will tell you what you need based on what you want your railroad to represent. Education is the best first step.
    Thanks again and have a great day.

  5. Cool lay out I’m doing the same thing with my blog.

    Don’t forget lots of pictures. Readers are more interested when images are in your blog to help visualize what you are talking about.
    Thanks again and good luck.

  6. Hi Daryl, just caught up on all your posts. You’ve done a fantastic job on all levels — writing, photography, blog theme, and of course build quality. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to your future work.

    Thanks for the great comments.

  7. It’s good to see a layout in the early stages – the basics of how it goes together and the vision of just how much work goes into these things. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks. I try my best to photograph all stages of the layout for my own records but I like to share them on this blog as I have received countless positive comments asking for more. Sometimes I have to stop myself as I just get too ahead of myself and forget to document the progress. I just wish I had more time to work on the layout.

  8. I am starting my layouts and have some questions for someone who has been doing this a while and knows a lot about trains. My big question is what should I use for a DCC system? And if I have a huge layout and many trains will one DCC command all my trains? Basically I am having trouble with all the electrical and command componets of my layouts. I could use all the tips or info you have. Thanks…

    Thanks for your question. I wish I could help more, but I do not use a computerized system. I use the old fashioned DC system with all home made throttles, power packs and wiring. I would try goggling your question. Drop me an email sometime with a link or images. I would love to see your progress.

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