Adding the fascia boards

Now that I have completed the track work, electrical and testing is complete, the only thing to finish off this area other than scenery is the fascia board.  It is nice to get all the tools and clutter cleaned up and make the layout look presentable.  The scenery will come later as I am focusing on finishing most of the track work and start an operating schedule amongst many other small projects that have been put on the back burner.

This image shows the fascia board butting up to the previous fascia boards installed a ways back on the left side and curving around the corner where a portal will be as the branch line track enters the mountain.  Some interesting contours will make for a real nice focal scene with the trestle bridge.

On the right side as show below the grade steepens to blend in with the trestle bridge and the next town up on the mountain.  This piece of fascia board is permanently installed as there is no electrical or mechanical systems behind needing access.

The next section of fascia is removable as all the towns switches and the lower level controls would need to be accessable.  So as to not damage any scenery once installed, I installed this section in two peices.  As seen below I fit the entire peice, screw it in place and then contour the top.  Then I cut a straight line about 2″ to 3″ down from the contour which lines up with the 3/4″ plywood.  This way the top peice secures into the plywood for strength and the scernery towling will form along the contour and will not be distrubed when the lower fascia is removed.  This is the same technique I used for the fascia on Gainesville.

I mounted my throttle plugs and cut in a door that accesses all the layout light switches and power switches and a quick vacuum and I am finished.


3 responses to “Adding the fascia boards

  1. Good idea to make parts of the fascia removable. I have never seen that before!

    Thanks. Nice blog by the way. I have added it to my blogroll.

  2. This is such a good idea for people with multi-level layouts. It can be so difficult keeping all the wiring out of sight and yet at the same time accessible.
    The other thing is that if you stand and control from the middle of your layout you may have a break in the track. A fascia like this one would be perfect underneath a removable track section.

    Great Post

    Thanks. The fascia boards really clean things up and give the layout a professional look. The removable sections take a little extra time to make and plan out but are well worth the time if something underneath goes wrong or simply a change is required. It saves tearing apart nice scenery. Thanks again and drop me an email as i would love to see your layout and trade links.

  3. wow. i never thought that this one would work until i have seen yours.

    Thanks. It’s pretty simple, just requires some planning ahead for the support risers and joints. Once I have all the fascia boards up I will have a total of 5 removable sections. The ones pictured are the largest sections but I will have a few small sections just large enough to expose a switch machine for maintenance purpose.

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