Layout Update

It’s been quite awhile since my last post as work and other things always seem to take priority.  I have been working on the layout from time to time but have not taken the time to update the blog.  So lets get rolling with some updates.

I’ve almost completely finished the track work up the branch line with the exception of the one small industry town as I need to find out what industry will there and find a building that will fit the space.  Then i will layout the tracks accordingly.  I am thinking some sort of cold storage industry as I really have no reefer car activity other than the brewery and will add additional traffic.

This is the stub end of the branch at the highest elevation.  It will facilitate a logging mill that has an in track(below upper left) as it will handle local lumber and delivered lumber and an out bound track for finished rough cut lumber(below upper right).   There is also a siding to allow the engine to work the industry.

Below this industry town is a new coal industry addition I added for a couple of reasons.  One is that I was not happy with the tight curve on the east end of Gainesville and I wanted to represent a small coal industry to create extra work and additional traffic on the main line.  Plus it will allow for more interesting scenery in this corner of the layout.  The left track seen below is the mainline that will have a nice bricked portal entering the mountain side.  The middle track will enter the mine to be loaded and the right track will service the industry’s freight requirements.

Now with most of the track laying complete I am focusing more time on some scenery. The area I am starting with is a harder to reach area with a rock cut tunnel portal and a lift out section.  I will have an update on this progress shortly.



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