Finishing up the Fascia Boards

After finishing up the track work and electrical on the branch line stub end and the new coal industry addition, I am able to install the final fascia boards.  No point putting them on until the track and electric work is complete as they would just be in the way.  Most of this section will not be removable as there are no switches or electrical connections in this area other than a bundle of feeder wires.  Not to mention that this side of the layout is only about a foot deep with plenty of access from underneath.  You will see on the left side a vertical rectangular section that is removable to allow access to the switch machines for the coal mine.

Where the fascia board dips down will be a valley or gorge and the main line lower tack will have a steel deck style bridge and the upper branch line track will have a wooden trestle bridge spanning the space.  There will also be a bricked portal where the fascia is at its highest to enter the mountain in its approach to  the Gainesville coal mines.  There are also walk around throttle plugins to the left of the valley.

Finishing the main control fascia boards seemed to take more time than the other large panels due to the several pieces required and all the cutting and fitting plus all the additional structural support needed.  These panels house the main control panel and the yard throttle panel plus push buttons for a switch motor and are all removable for easy access to the panels and electrical behind.  Note the thin top fascia board is permanent for which the scenery will attach to.  Also you will see on the right the car card holders for the 4 track yard and the town industries.  Below that is the office for train paperwork, etc…


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