Building the Northern Mountian Scenery with Rock Castings and Portals – Part 3

In this final post of the series I will add tree coverage, foliage and the final detail to complete a realistic mountain range setting.  I use two different types of tree coverage for mountains.  One being clump foam from Woodland Scenic and home made lichen which is colored and pickled so it stays spongy.  If the lichen is not pickled it gets very brittle and crumbles.   Randomly I glue individual trees in the arrangement I like also making sure that the seams and screws from the lift out are covered and blend together nicely for a seamless appearance.  I also strategically position trees and foliage around the castings to hide any plaster edges.  I like to use some vines on the castings and throw on some sand and course stones to represent some land slides and piles of stone that have slid down the mountain over the years.

The secret to making scenery look real is to be sloppy.  Positioning things just so tends to look placed and not naturally formed.  I find that if I try to hard then it looks less real.  Throw the sand on, who cares if some falls down or rolls on the castings.  It all looks real.  I finish off by piling stones or adding more sand to a few areas and making sure anything that is not supposed to be seen is hidden.  Once everything is the way I want it I spray the fresh areas with wet water and then flood everything with glue and let it dry.  Here is the lower portal which is the reversing track for the main town.

The ballasting has been completed, the rails painted a grimy rust color and the wheel stops have been painted, rusted and installed.  Additional details can be added to suit and can even be added as time goes on like wildlife garbage, etc.  I like to add some human interaction with a scene whether it be people or junk or something.  Here is a single 2 spot siding with next to no room for an industry so with a little clever planing I was able to create a team track with a simple loading dock with an access road to supply products to the local town businesses and industries.  Its a great way to create traffic and allows for a variety of loads to be delivered or taken from using very little space.

You may notice a couple of taller trees on either side of the loading platform.  I will be posting a nice article on how these were made.  I like to use the taller trees in the foreground and keep the background as tree tops or tree coverage as I find that when you look at a distant hill or mountain you can’t see individual trees.  It all blends together and I like to try to separate the foreground and the background this way.


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