Hidden staging yard continued

After long last I have some time to update everyone on the progress of the Norfolk Valley Railroad.  It has been about a year since my last post and considerable progress has been made.  I have been photographing the progress and will continue to post as time permits.  I have completed all the yard tracks in commercial flex track since it will not be visible.  The inner radius is 28″ and the outer is 40″.  Each track of the in/out staging yard will accommodate 2 trains.  The inner track will house 2 trains each 10 cars long plus engine and caboose.  The outer tracks will house two trains 12 cars long plus engine and caboose.  Each section, the in and out will be monitored on the control panel with LED detectors so positioning of each train the in hidden staging yard will be easy.  The turnouts are hand laid and are being reclaimed from my grandfathers previous layout.  I have to make the 32″ curved in/out turnout and the straight #6 east/west turnout to complete the hidden track work.  Then comes all the wiring, relays, transistors, detectors, etc to make it all work.







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